The truth behind the assassination of JFK




And The Truth






By: Harold Serrano



When people think about conspiracy, they think about corrupt governments, plots,

and key players . However people are most familiar with the most infamous of all

conspiracies, the JFK assassination conspiracy . This conspiracy brings so much into

play. Corrupt politicians, secret agendas, a lone gunman, and assassins are just some of

the factors that contribute to such hysteria concerning what really went on . When it

comes down to it people can come to terms with so of the atrocities that occur in

everyday life, but what they desperately want is the truth . That is the only thing that will

provide closure to all of the conspiracy theories. There’s nothing worse than a

government lying to its people to secure the continuation of their agendas or to hide their

secrets . Inconsistencies in the Warren Report also allow conspiracies to flourish .

John Fitzgerald Kennedy was born on May 29, 1917 in Boston Massachusetts .

After graduating from Harvard in 1940 he joined the Navy where he had a rather

successful tour of duty  and even  risked his life to save the life of fellow seamen after his

PT boat was sunken by Japanese forces (Review) . In little over fifteen years he became a

shoe-in to become president of the United States. He was the youngest and first Roman

Catholic president (John F. Kennedy) .

On  November 22nd, 1963  the 35th president John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated

on Dealey Plaza by a supposed “lone gunman” in Dallas, Texas . Before long the CIA put

a name on the lone gunman, and his name was Lee Harvery Oswald . Once apprehended,

the CIA and all officials already told the world that Oswald had single handedly

assassinated the president of the United States and the world believed it . This happened

during a time when people were blinded by the perfection and the idea of the American

Dream, and they believed whatever the government said . The people at Dealey Plaza


never expected such a grisly scene on the day of November 23rd, 1963 . Oswald was

never interrogated and when he was questioned he did not know what he was being

charged with . Within 48 hours both the president and his “assassin” were both dead

which gave the Warren Commission no trouble in pointing the finger at Oswald and no

chance to make the people of the United States think otherwise . It took them almost ten

months before submitting their report to the new president (Special Section) . “Almost

everyone, it seems, has been heard from on the Kennedy assassination and on Lee Harvey

Oswald’s guilt or innocence, except one person — Lee Harvey Oswald himself ”( The last

words of Lee Harvey Oswald ) .

Joe Rogan stated “The only time I commit to conspiracy theories is when

something way retarded happens. Like Lee Harvey Oswald acting alone” ( Conspiracy

Quotes ) . The story as proposed by the Warren Commission is the reason way peoplelike

Joe Rogan believe in conspiracy theories . The Warren Commission states that Lee

Harvey Oswald had acted alone in the assassination of the President of the United States

of America . The only thing is that the facts don’t coincide with the theory proposed by

the Warren commission . Although it is known that Oswald worked at the Depository it

does not automatically point the finger at him . There are factors that do cast a shadow of

doubt such as him coming to work with a long paper bag, and being on the sixth floor

where supposedly the sniper’s nest was . Other factors that also allowed the Warren

Commission’s report to be accepted were that Oswald had defected from the United

States Marine Corps. to Russia where he lived for a few years and returned .  Oswald

even stated “I had some trouble with police in New Orleans for passing out pro-Castro

literature”(Oswald’s Last Words) . Yet the main reason why Lee Harvey Oswald was the

perfect person to blame was because of his awards in long distance Shooting while in the


Marine Corps . Maj . Sgt . Zahm was even quoted saying ” I would say in the Marine

Corps he is a good shot, slightly above average and as compared to the average male. . .

he is an excellent shot .” referring to Oswald ( live auctioneers ) . With all of these factors

put together it was not hard for the Warren Commission to accuse Lee Harvey Oswald of

the assassination of the 35th president and have the American people believe it. This

would all be accepted fact but since in the end science will prevail and nothing can defy

the laws of science Oswald can be exonerated . The accepted theory of the JFK

assassination involves Oswald and the single bullet or as conspiracists call it the “magic

bullet theory” .  The Bullet which Oswald shot from his Italian carcano rifle, hit

President Kennedy on the right side of the skull, exited through the front left of the head

and somehow turned enough to then hit Connally on the right of his back . Yet the laws

of science disprove that theory and also another theory which the Warren Commission

used to explain how JFK had a throat and back wound along with the extensive injuries

that Connally received from the “single bullet” . This theory is not acceptable because

one bullet could not defy the laws of science and make so many short turn in such a short

amount of time and inflict as many injuries as it did. All of this scientific information

disproves the idea of a single bullet.








With the idea of there being only one bullet gone, the trajectory of the bullet,

the law of inertia, and the Abraham Zapruder film allows for the position of the shooter

to be properly determined . When one is shot the inertia of the bullet causes the person to

go in the direction of the bullet’s trajectory . This was not consistent with the idea that

Oswald shot JFK from the school book depository . In the Zapruder film, it can be seen

that not only is JFK shot in the throat but that he was shot from the front . If Oswald was

to have shot JFK in the back of the head then he would have been gone forward, but JFK

went back when he was shot in the head and brain matter along with some skull

fragments blew out from the back of his head . This is consistent with when a person in

shot in the head from the front with the bullet exiting the back (The Men who Killed

Kennedy ep.2 ) . This additional information in conjunction with the eye witness reports

can safely exonerate Lee Harvey Oswald as the lone gunman.

The one theory that has the most support among conspiracists is the theory

involving the grassy knoll . The grassy knoll is the only known sniper’s nest with a

perfect shot to assassinate JFK . Although some eyewitnesses claimed to have seen a

gunman they were dismissed as inconsistent . Around the time that JFK was assassinated,

photo editing was not as advanced as it was a few years later . As a result evidence of a

person being on the grassy knoll was not verified until years later . The photo shows a

man who is known as “badge man” standing behind a picket fence holding a gun and

smoke coming out of the chamber after a bullet was fired, he was also with a man who

was dressed in railroad worker clothing . Along with eyewitness reports and even the

photo it can be seen that the president was shot by someone ( not Oswald) on the grassy

knoll . One eyewitness by the name of Gordon Arnold who was in the army recalled

someone shooting a gun and a bullet whizzing past his ear . He was standing by the

Grassy knoll in front of a picket fence which “badge man” was behind when he fired his

gun . After the president had been shot he said he was approached by the person

demanding his camera film which he handed to “badge man” . His presence is verified by

a Senator  who was across the street . To also add to the validity of the grassy knoll and

“badge man”, another eyewitness by the name of Ed Hoffman who was a mute and deaf

saw a puff of smoke . He thought of it as a cigarette but then saw the man hand a gun to

the railroad worker and walk away while the railroad worker disassembled the weapon,

put it in his tool box and walked towards the railroad . All of this was seen by Ed

Hoffman as he stood on the bridge overlooking the motorcade and the grassy knoll . He

even approached the FBI and said that he was offered money to keep quite . Along with

the eyewitness testimony, photo, and the direction in which JFK’s head went when he

was shot in the head, the gunman was located on the grassy knoll ( The Men who Killed


Kennedy ep.2 ) .












Fig 3. This is the color enhanced picture showing from left to right Gordon Arnold, “badge man”, and the man in a railroad uniform ( The Men who Killed Kennedy) .




Even though the gunman known as “badge man” was identified, his real identity is

still a mystery to all except for a few key players involved in the plot to assassinate the

president . Of all of the people who know what happened concerning the JFK

assassination, only two men have spoken about some of the details concerning the

assassination Christian David and Michele Nicoli . Christian David who had been in a

United States prison and later been deported back to France was the first person to talk

about the detail of the Kennedy assassination to a man named Steve Revel . Christian

stated that he was offered the contract to assassinated the president but refused because of

the risk . He then stated that the contract was offered to three Corsican hitmen who were

all based in France, since the assassination was to be done in a predominately white state

(The Men who killed Kennedy ep. 3) . He only named one of the assassins since two

were still alive and stated the details in order of occurrence .

The three assassins which included a man by the name of Lucien Sarti went from

their hometown of Marseilles to Mexico City, where they entered the U.S. with Italian

passports . Sarti, who was killed by police in Mexico City on 1972, was a Corsican

hitman who was reckless and despised by his fellow associates . They were then taken to

a safe house where they stayed while they searched for the best spots to stage the

assassination . Since they were used to doing dangerous jobs they wore disguises which

would have includes police uniforms to help them blend into the crowd . After the

assassination they stood at the safe house for 10 days before being flown from Dallas to

Montreal by private plane .

The three assassins had positioned themselves strategically around Dealey Plaza .

Sarti had wanted to shoot from the bridge but since the police were there he went to the

Grassy knoll and hid behind the fence . The other two were in buildings, where a total of

four shots had been taken by the three men .  The first shot hit Kennedy in the back, the

second hit Connally, the third which was the fatal shot taken by Sarti hit the president in

the front right of the head, while the fourth shot completely missed . With all of the

information gathered throughout the years since JFK’s assassination, new breakthroughs

have helped identify the true assassins, yet nothing has been done to catch the assassins

still alive . The main reason that Christian David did not name the others was out of fear

of being killed in jail .

Many people love to catch up on the latest conspiracy, yet no one can deny that

the most infamous conspiracy is the one concerning the assassination of John F.

Kennedy. The Warren commission stated that Lee Harvey Oswald had killed JFK, but

with the new found information it can be seen that Oswald was framed . It hard for

people to admit when some of their own do wrong, especially when they’re in the CIA .

Jim Garrison stated, “The CIA could not face up to the American people and admit that

its former employees had conspired to assassinate the President; so from the moment

Kennedy’s heart stopped beating, the Agency attempted to sweep the whole conspiracy

under the rug.” (Conspiracy Quotes) . The fact is that people love conspiracies because

the lack of consistency, allows for their mind to wander and create the most intricate

theories about situations. The truth may never be revealed and the fact that the

government is keeping a secret like this under wraps makes people not have faith in their









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